Mature Plan for Battery Design and Battery Management System

Every battery pack starts from a professional design including the safety, functions and budget. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)  can prevent battery pack design problems and portable devices failures from effectively planning, developing and finishing a smart battery system into their portable applications. Yet, designing a reliable battery management systems for a battery powered device can be difficult, even for the most experienced professional design engineer. Considering the complexity of the interrelationship between custom battery pack, the battery charger, and the portable device electronics can cause a  setbacks during product development. Worse, the entire system may lead to a fail.

Fortunately, planning for the battery solution early enough in the design process, along with correct implementation, can minimize or eliminate the possibility of battery problems.

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Concurrent Engineering & Integrated Processes

Battery Design

How to design a good solution

Battery solutions can no longer be developed as isolated systems. They must be an part of the equipment design process from product beginning  all the way to the final fabrication. At CTU, our engineers work with suppliers and customers to make sure all criteria are met and that we are delivering the best value and highest performing solution available. When we design and manufacture new battery packs or battery chargers, we bring all stakeholders to the table — our engineering talent as well as the input of our suppliers and customers.

This collaborative design process includes:

  •  Battery cell selection and qualification test.
  • Mechanical design of external plastic or other matieral enclosure.
  • Electrical design of internal electronics (including protection circuits, fuel gauges, serial communications buses (SMBus, I2C, HDQ), LED indications, battery pack authentication, cell balancing, and embedded charger).
  • Preliminary and Detailed Design Reviews.Electrical and mechanical prototyping.
  • Environmental test (temperature, shock, vibration, humidity, ESD, EMI, altitude, water proof)


With many years of experience working with lithium batteries and other chemistries, CTU makes sure design and manufacturing processes are in place to ensure quality, and that the process is reliable and repeatable.

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