Custom Battery Charger and Custom Charging Solution for your Application

CTU Battery  works closely with our OEM customers to provide  the right solution for their application by determining the form, fit and function for  battery chargers or smart battery  pack charging system.

Smart Charger

Differrent charging system for you to choose

Internal and External chargers

CTU Battery designs and manufactures both internal and external  battery chargers. Internal charging systems add value and flexibility to battery packs, but they may bring more cost of the custom battery packs and  more  consideration for  the certificate.

Smart battery charger:

CTU Battery  design  battery charging system  with different  degrees of intelligence. Smart battery chargers are instructed through the SMBus with communication bus by a smart battery pack as to the voltage and current required by the pack. Smart battery system allow the battery pack to control the charge termination as well as they have timer  to limit each charging phase.

The degree of intelligence embedded within smart chargering system includes:

  •  smart battery charging system  is a slave device. A smart battery transmits voltage and current instructions, and sets the appropriate values.
  • smart battery charging system can give  commands to the smart battery. The smart battery charging system recommand charging voltages and currents, and can request charge initiation in case  a system change such as the presence of an AC power current or some other event.

Why our charging design is safe

All CTU Battery System charger designs for lithium batteries utilize CC-CV charging and apply these guidelines:

  • Monitor and limit charging voltage
  • Monitor and limit charging current
  • Monitor pack or cell temperature
  • Terminate fast charging at the right  voltage
  • Terminate top-off charging at the right  current
  • Utilize timers to control  all phases of charging
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