CTU Battery is Specialized on in Reliable,  High Performance, Mission Critical Custom Battery Pack and Smart Charging System for:
- Portable Medical
- Military Application

Custom Battery Pack Manufacturer Intelligent Power Systems and Pack Assemblies

  • Industry leading expertise in Lithium ion battery packs, medical battery, PANASONIC Li-ion Battery Pack, SANYO lithium battery pack, and smart battery chargers.
  • Experience with Lithium custom battery , Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Alkaline battery chemistries.
  • Experience with power management electronics - fuel gauge, communications bus, and pack authentication.
  • Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) and Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) for battery packs.
  • Strong partnerships with Japanese cell suppliers and OEM customers Products with reliability, durability and safety.
Battery and Charger
Battery pack with UL
Battery UL

Some of our battery packs, such as  PANASONIC ICR 18650B battery pack is approved by UL, UN38.3 and CE. We also have other UL approved battery pack.

With many years of experience working with lithium batteries and other chemistries, CTU makes sure that design and manufacturing processes are in place to ensure quality, and that the process is reliable and repeatable.

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